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Our Services / Residential

Our custom design service is very popular and enables our team to work closely with our clients to assist with the design process, then fully document (Specification and Contract) and complete the construction of the home to your exact requirements. Our designs are always unique and innovative.

For a small fee, the Design and Construct package we offer enables us to obtain property information about the land, the design guidelines, the soil classification, site levels and to develop a design brief of your requirements and equally important, your budget.

Based on the orientation of the land and your tastes, preferences and practical living requirements we coordinate, work with and provide a concept design from your choice of an architect/designer or draftsman (each with different fees). We are flexible and happy to consult and work with your designer if preferred or we have great relationships local companies.

Once the Concept design is to an acceptable outcome, we prepared the plans to enable quotation. The project will be tendered to our regular suppliers and we tailor the inclusions to suit your budget. We are then able to provide you a Specification (30 to 40 pages) of exactly what has and hasnít been included in the quote (including pictures of some products!).

The process then continues with review of further pricing options, changes you request, interior design consultation and once we have meet all your requirements the concept can proceed to Final Working Drawings, Specification and Contract stage, ready for a building permit and commencement of work.

Our design and construct process, saves time and money. You can also be completely involved in the costing process with our ability to provide options and scenarios to assist your decision. Your involvement and understanding and our detailed documentation also ensures you know exactly what you are getting and you have a strong relationship with your builder who understands your requirements right from the outset.

If you are interested, please call our office and we can discuss in more detail.

Clients with plans and working drawing prepared by their own designers or architects are welcomed!

We have great working relationships with a wide range of architects and local drafting and design companies.

We offer an efficient quotation service, provide our detailed quotations to and available to participate in tender submissions to assist you with your selection of a builder.

We can guarantee that our Quotation or Tender will be accurate and complete and be fully detailed with a Specification outlining our inclusions. Should you select us, we have are then able to use this Specification for Construction Purposes. You should know exactly what you are getting in your quoted price when you compare quotes between builders. Unless each product is stated clearly in a detailed quotation, the builder is able to use the brand/type, quality product of his or her choice, which may not necessarily be what you want!

We offer a consultative service to be involved in co-ordination of the completion of working drawings in order to ensure the construction aspects are considered.

Our projects are generally individual 'one off' designs, although if you are looking for a simplified process, we are able to assist with a small range of standardised floor plans and indicative price levels. These plans may be built as is, or can be used as a starting point and undergo further customisation by us to suit your site, your orientation or practical requirements.

Please refer LDB Standard Designs for further details and samples of some of the range.